Terry Lemerond

Terry Lemerond is a natural health expert with over 50 years of experience. He has owned health food stores, founded dietary supplement companies, and formulated over 400 products.

A much sought-after speaker and accomplished author, Terry shares his wealth of experience and knowledge in health and nutrition through his educational programs, including the Terry Talks Nutrition website, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, and personal speaking engagements. His books include Seven Keys to Vibrant Health and the sequel, Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement, and his newest publication, 50+ Natural Health Secrets Proven to Change Your Life.

The recipient of many industry awards, Terry was honored with an induction into the Hall of Legends at Natural Products Expo West in March 2017. Continually recognized as a leader in the natural products industry.

Terry continue to lecture on personal and spiritual growth, conduct educational seminars on the benefits of natural medicines, and to pursue his unwavering dedication to his ongoing mission—to improve the health of America.

Featured Webinars:

How to Choose a Daily Multivitamin

Are you confused by all of the vitamin and mineral formulations out there? Who needs a daily multivitamin? What are the best forms of vitamins? Answers to these questions and more in this webinar.

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Natural Solutions for Neuropathy

Join natural health expert, Terry Lemerond, to learn more about natural solutions for neuropathy.

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Curcumin and Boswellia Outperform Drugs for Arthritis

Learn from natural health expert, Terry Lemerond, in this webinar about natural options for arthritis that have been shown in clinical studies to outperform commonly used drugs.

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Adrenal Dysfunction? Fatigue? Burnout?

Adrenal dysfunction is running rampant in our fast-paced society. Many people are probably familiar with the symptoms of adrenal issues: fatigue, irritability, weight gain, low libido, allergies, recurrent infections, and many others. Learn how to restore adrenal function with natural ingredients that help nourish and support the adrenal glands safely and effectively.

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Sugar Toxicity: Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Sugar hides in almost every processed food on the shelf. Americans eat more sugar than any other country in the world. Is it a coincidence that we also have alarming rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases? Join natural health expert, Terry Lemerond, as he discusses the dangers of sugar.

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Eliminating Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are a source of pain and discomfort for millions of Americans. Join Terry Lemerond as he discusses natural treatments for bone spurs.

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Coping with Burnout and Chronic Stress

Do you wish you had more energy? Are you exhausted, but yet can’t sleep? Learn about natural ways to cope with burnout, like using adaptogens. Adaptogens help increase the body’s resistance to stress and return you to a state a balance. Ashwagandha and rhodiola have been used historically for energy, stamina, and endurance.

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Iodine: For Hypothyroidism, Cancer, ADHD, Infertility, and More

There was a time when iodine was considered a “cure all” and was recommended for: healing wounds and disease, destroying bacteria and viruses, respiratory conditions, and goiter. Join natural products expert, Terry Lemerond, to learn more about the incredible health benefits iodine has to offer.

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The Power of Grape Seed Extract

In this educational webinar, join Terry as he discusses the many health benefits that grape seed extract has to offer—cancer, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more! Learn what oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are and why tannin-free grape seed extract is superior.

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Supercharging Curcumin with Turmeric Essential Oil

Learn about the synergy between curcumin and turmeric essential oil. Did you know that standard curcumin extracts do not contain turmeric essential oil? Studies have shown that turmeric essential oil can significantly increase curcumin’s absorption and activity in the body. Turmeric essential oil contains compounds called turmerones, which have significant health benefits of their own. Studies have shown that turmerones have antifungal, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and antiulcer properties. They have even been shown to disrupt the beta-amyloid plaques and tangles that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

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Better than Chemo: Dynamic Duo of Grape Seed Extract & Curcumin for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

The dynamic duo of Curcumin and Grape Seed Extract have been used together and on their own for a wide variety of health concerns, from lowering blood pressure to preventing tumors. There is a lot of promising research using Grape Seed Extract and Curcumin for cancer, especially of the colon and breast. Even in difficult-to-treat triple negative breast cancer, Grape Seed Extract has shown its superiority to traditional treatments, like chemotherapy. Join natural health and supplement expert, Terry Lemerond, as he dives deeper into these powerful natural medicines. Learn about the exciting research on Grape Seed Extract and Curcumin, how to pick the most effective supplements and how these brilliant botanicals can help bring you closer to vibrant health.

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Mesoglycan: A Miracle for Varicose Veins, Clot Prevention, Peripheral Artery Disease and More!

You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body. Keeping them strong is vital. Whether you deal with varicose veins or hemorrhoids, or have even more serious concerns like such diabetic retinopathy, blood clotting, or chronic venous insufficiency, getting the building blocks of healthy blood vessels into your daily regimen can stop your suffering and make big improvements.

Mesoglycan is used in Europe to treat all types of vascular diseases, and can be a miracle solution for your heart and circulation problems. Join us for this FREE live event to learn more about this amazing nutrient from natural supplement expert, Terry Lemerond.

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Got Pain? Curcumin: The All-In-One Solution for Pain and Inflammation

If you are one of the almost 8 million Americans who experiences daily pain, you will want to listen to this presentation. Natural health expert Terry Lemerond shares the medicinal secrets of curcumin and the surprising benefits it can yield for health—ultra-potent antioxidant, unsurpassed anti-inflammatory, liver protector, immune system booster, pain-reliever, longevity miracle, brain enhancer, and more!

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